Carpet cleaning sector

Carpet cleaning sector

In our carpet cleaning sector we use Rotowash Machines which provide a high quality wash, Scrubs and cleans any floor type including hard floors and carpets, be it flat or profiled leaving them clean and dry within minutes with a lifted pile and well-groomed afterwards. It is equally effective for scrubbing and buffing flat surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood. Our Rotowash machines use up to 90 percent less water and cleaning chemicals than any other conventional cleaning methods.

We clean carpets to a high standard using anti-bacterial solution which not only leaves your carpets smelling fresh but also kills 99.9 percent of bacteria this in turn leaves your carpets hygienically clean. We can also offer a Scotchgard fabric protector treatment to further protect the carpets when cleaned if required. This treatment can be applied to all carpets and upholstery.

Below is a price list for your reference

Lounge from £ 40.00
Stairs & Landings £ 35.00
Dining Room £ 30.00
Bedrooms £ 25 each

Please get in touch for a Scotchgard fabric protector treatment quote

*All of the above prices are subject to room size*

*Minimum charge of £ 50.00*

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